Terms and conditions E Club

Welcome to Tamares E-club

Free membership and open to anyone, anywhere in the world.
The Tamares E-club is an Internet club created by the Tamares Hotels Israel.


Tamares E-Club benefits

·         5% discount on rack rates offered for all direct booking at Tamares hotels till  2 nights stay and 10% discount  on rack rates offered for 3 nights and more (excluding on special offers).

·         A 15% discount on rack rates during stay on Food and beverages extras (not including banquets). Valid through room charge only.

·         A special exclusive Tamares welcome gift.

·         A 10% discount on rack rates during stay on spa treatments at the Shizen Spas. Not valid on packages and coupons.

·         Special offers tailored to your individual preferences.

Conditions of the Tamares E-Club procedures


1. A member of the Tamares hotels chain Club will be entitled to receive benefits of various kinds at any of the Tamares hotels : Daniel Herzliya. Similarly, as set out in Sections 13 and 14. hereinafter, Tamares Hotels may, at any time, determine that certain hotels be removed from the above list, either temporarily or permanently.

2. The Tamares E-Club will operate until otherwise decided by Tamares. Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, Tamares reserves the right to cease operating the Club without any prior notice.

3. Tamares reserves the right to add, change, remove and replace the procedures and rules relating to the Club at any time, including by amending, adding to, or limiting the terms, benefits and offers, without any prior notice and at its sole and absolute discretion.

4. Membership in the Club is for individuals only. An "individual" means a person who has been accepted as a Club Member and who has been made aware of all the rules and Conditions contained herein.

5. Membership in the Club entitles Members to various benefits, which Tamares will publicized from time to time. It must be noted that some of the offers will have time limits and that priority will be given to those who apply first, up until the time that Tamares gives notice, at its sole discretion, that it will be discontinuing any such offer.
6. Tamares has the exclusive right to interpret these Terms & Conditions.

7. Acceptance to the Tamares E-Club An individual (as defined above) who is interested in becoming a Member of the Club must go to the Tamares site at www.tamareshotels.com and complete his personal details. Upon receipt on line of Tamares' confirmation by mail, he will become a Club Member.

8. Tamares may terminate a membership in the Club at any time without prior notice. A Member whose membership is terminated will be able to renew his membership by reapplying to Tamares.

9. A Member will be responsible for familiarizing himself with the Club's rules and regulations, as well as with periodic amendments, and Tamares will have no responsibility of any kind and type whatsoever in connection therewith.

10. By Registered to Tamares e-Club the Member agrees to receive marketing and advertising information via email and sms.

11. The Member will be responsible for updating changes in his personal details, such as home address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc., on his account on the web site.

12. It is hereby stipulated that the Member's benefits are for his personal use only, and do not constitute and/or are not considered the Member's property. The Member may not transfer them in any way whatsoever, including by way of sale, or by way of transfer without receiving payment, to any third party and/or as a bequest.

13. Tamares may at any stage, at its sole and absolute discretion, inform Members that they will not be permitted to take advantage at certain Tamares hotels of the benefits to which they are entitled by virtue.

14. A candidate's request for membership in the Tamares Club as specified shall constitute consent to all the provisions of these Conditions, including any future change in the provisions hereof. The Member will not have any claim and/or demands in connection with the Conditions and/or changes to them.

15. Tamares Hotels are entitled to cancel the membership of any member whose actions conflict with the rules and regulations of the Tamares E-Club and/or whose actions are detrimental to the Tamares E-Club and/or the hotels' reservation mechanism.

16. A club member will not be entitled to club benefits if he booked through travel agent or online travel agents.
17. Club Member shall be entitled to benefits only if ordered directly from the website or Call center.

18. No double discounts

19. Club member may order up to 2 rooms for the same vacation

I declare that my personal information and any data I had given or will give to Tamares , including through Tamares's website ("information"), was given with  full consent and I agree that the information will be used by Tamares Hotels Ltd. and / or other corporations of Tamares and / or anyone acting on their behalf, as a database for direct mail/email offering to purchase and / or marketing and / or advertising of products and / or services on behalf of Tamares, and agree that the information might be used as database for statistical analysis, segmentation and targeting marketing and for the purposes of improving service and customer care by Tamares.