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The Tamares Hotel chain invests in the smallest of details, so that you will be able to enjoy the enchanted atmosphere created by a chain that believes in the special concept of boutique hotels in Israel. The chain's three boutique hotels provide a wonderful experience of a superbly designed, intimate hotel where the guest is the focus of the staff's energies and attention. Our boutique hotels are spread around the central region, revealing the full splendors of holidaying in Ashdod, in Tel Aviv and in Herzliya. The boutique nature of the hotel envelopes you in every corner of the hotel: in its stylish interior design; in small, pampering luxuries; in the hotel’s superb services and its exceptional hospitality, so that our guests enjoy personal attention at all hours of the day and night, whatever their request may be.

West Boutique Hotel, Tel Aviv

In recent years, boutique hotels have become a leading trend in Tel Aviv, and the West Boutique Hotel, Tel Aviv, is no exception, with its exclusive location on the shores of the beautiful Hatzuk Beach. The hotel provides stylishly designed fully equipped suites, a swimming pool (in season), a fitness gym and an excellent chef’s restaurant. The sea breeze, which fills the hotel balconies, together with a swimming pool, which can be seen from every corner of the lobby, create the perfect atmosphere for a wonderful vacation and cause our guests to be immediately imbued with a sense of calmness and relaxation. All of these transform our guests’ stay at the West Hotel into an experience of wonderful hospitality that blends peace, quiet and intimacy together with exciting entertainment options and proximity to the business hubs in Herzliya and Tel Aviv.
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West Boutique Hotel, Ashdod 

Get to know the other side of Ashdod, during a relaxed and intimate vacation at the West Boutique Hotel, Ashdod, which provides a unique experience for people who love the sea, culinary delights and the good life! The prestigious Ashdod West suite hotel, set on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, offers its guests comfortable and spacious rooms, a swimming pool, a fitness gym and a select chef’s restaurant. The hotel's proximity to the well kept promenade enhances the unique experience of a genuine port town, enabling our guests to enjoy some special and unforgettable moments, that could only be possible in a boutique hotel in Ashdod. The hotel’s staff has been carefully selected in order to create the perfect vacation for you, whether for a couple, a family or a business. 

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West Lagoon Resort Hotel, Netanya

The West Lagoon Resort Hotel, located on the southern strip of Netanya's shoreline, is a luxury hotel which offers the perfect hospitality for leisure and for business. The hotel has 272 superbly designed and spacious suites and rooms. The hotel guests enjoy the attractive location on the beach, rapid and convenient access to the main traffic arteries and proximity to the town center and to the beautiful promenade. The hotel's design is innovative, spacious, extremely well lit thanks to an abundance of natural light, views of the sea and the exquisite colors of the sun, sea and shells. The hotel's restaurant has a balcony that overlooks the blue sea. The restaurant provides an outstanding culinary experience, by virtue of its rich menu which offers diners the finest choice of meat, fresh fish and delicious tapas. The West Café Restaurant, which is located in the lobby, with a balcony overlooking the sea, serves a diverse range of dairy dishes, and the nearby bar offers soft beverages and alcoholic drinks. Should you choose to hold a business function in the hotel, you will be able to benefit from the hotel's conference rooms that are fitted with state-of-the-art technology and technical equipment of the most sophisticated standard. The hotel has an outdoor half-Olympic size pool, a children's pool, a tanning and relaxation balcony, a drinks and ice cream stand, and a dairy snack bar and a meat snack bar. The hotel's deluxe spa extends over two floors, offering our guests seven treatment rooms, a restroom, a fitness gym overlooking the sea, a wet sauna, a dry sauna and a Turkish hammam.

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