Terms and Conditions

Internet Site Rules and Regulations General
The Internet site, www.tamareshotels.co.il is the official site for Tamares Hotels Ltd., a public company, number 512314386, and operator of the “Tamares” Hotel chain throughout Israel (hereinafter,“the chain”).
The reservation of a holiday package at one of the hotels in the chain can be made telephonically through the Central Reservation Office at telephone number +972-9-95020808 or through this Internet site.
Reservations through this site can be made on specific conditions that users declare that they have read the Rules and Regulations and agree to the specific conditions in full. Users also agree that they, or a third party acting on their behalf, will ot lodge any complaint and / or demand and / or lawsuit directly and / or indirectly against the Internet site and / or against the chain and / or anyone operating on the behalf of the chain.
Reservation of vacation packages Customers making reservations through this Internet site are required to fill in their personal details, including ID or passport number and credit card number.
Filling in incorrect personal details will result in taking legal action against the customer for damages that may be caused to the Internet site and / or to the chain and / or a third part on their behalf.
The credit card details filled in online through the Internet site are for the purposes of securing a reservation only. The actual credit card debit will only be executed on arrival at the hotel.
At the end of the online reservation process the customer will receive an automatic e-mail message approving the execution of the reservation.
The customer is required to print the contents of this message and present it on arrival at the hotel reception.
Conditions and limitations
1. The prices quoted on the Internet site are in New Israeli Shekels  and do not include VAT. The reservation of vacation packages for foreign citizens is available through the Internet site in english. french or russian in accordance with the updated price lists at the time of reservation, and payment is in foreign currency or is calculated according to the exchange rate determined by the Bank of Israel on the day of payment.Israeli citizens are subjected to additional taxes (VAT).
2. The chain is permitted to change the conditions of the vacation package reservation as well as the price of the packages at any time.
3. The number of vacancies in the hotel chain is limited, and executing a reservation is subject to availability only.
4. Residence at the hotel begins on the date of arrival at 15:00 up to 11:00 on the date of departure. Arrival and / or departure times that are not in accordance with these hours requires approval in advance of the hotel management and involves an additional fee. On Shabbat and holidays check in starts at 8 PM.
5. Baby – up to the 2 years of age. Child – between the ages of 2-18 years of age.
6. The reservation of vacation packages in the hotel is limited to adults above the age of 18. The accommodation of children and youth under the age of 18 is available only if accompanied by an adult over the age of 21.
7. The pictures on the website are for illustration purposes only and do not oblige the chain.
8. Errors and omissions, excepted.
Cancellation of reservation
Cancellation fee during regular season:
Guests canceling a reservation up to 24 hours before Arrival will not be charged.
Guests canceling a reservation less than 24 hours before arrival date will be charged for one night for each room reserved on the basis of the type of board and lodging reserved.
Cancellation fee during Jewish and Gregorian holidays as well as the month of August:
Guests canceling a reservation up to 7 days before the arrival date will not be charged.
Guests canceling a reservation less than 7 days before the arrival date will be charged  for for the total amount of the reservation.